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video editing on computer

Visual effects add a lot of spice to a video, which means viewers can appreciate the videos more. There are a lot of visual effects that a video editor can do or add.

In this article one of our video experts will share tips and knowledge about 7 types of visual effects that a video editor can use for better videos.

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Undertsanding Visual Effects

Diving head-first into the world of visual effects may seem daunting at first. Yet, it’s like walking into a magical realm where almost anything can come to life through the power of imagination. There are fairies and dragons swooping through medieval castles, chain reactions causing mind-blowing explosions, and everyday folks turning into superheroes or celebrities! All these beautiful, bamboozling transformations aren’t products of sheer magic but are creations of ingenious visual effects.

Now, you may ask, “What on earth are visual effects?” Well, think of them as the secret ingredients that spice up your favorite movies and videos, giving them that special ‘oomph’. They’re like the cherry on top of a perfectly baked cake or the high-tech wizardry that makes a spaceship fly in a sci-fi movie. Visual effects or ‘VFX’, as it’s casually known in the biz, is the craft of creating imaginary environments or events that can’t be filmed or captured in real life. In essence, it’s all about using digital technology to create illusions or visual tricks that make the impossible, possible. And the best part? The viewers would never even guess they’re not real!


In the panorama of content creation, a video editor is not just a “cutter”, but a magician who brings the spectacle to life. They are the key players who add a splash of magic to raw footage, transforming ordinary sequences into extraordinary visual narratives. They breathe life into the creator’s vision with their expert skills and innovative techniques. What are the perks of having a capable video editor in your corner? Consistently high-quality content saved time, and a boosted online presence.

When we talk about the video editor’s toolkit, one can’t avoid delving into the realm of Computer Generated Imagery. This fascinating technology adds the elements of thrill and fantasy to the real world, morphing the mundane into the truly mesmerizing. From creating lifelike dinosaurs to crafting enchanting spell-bound universes, the possibilities are limitless. One needs only a zealous content creator, an imaginative video editor, and a sprinkle of CGI magic to craft narratives that not only captivate the audience but transport them to worlds beyond imagination.

Green Screen VFX

Creating dynamic and engaging videos isn’t all fun and games; the process can often be complex, time-consuming, and necessitate particular skills. This is where services from a video editing agency, like ours at Social Channel Studios, come into play. We aid content creators, like you, to breathe life into your work with effective visual tools like the Green Screen VFX. The camerawork magic involved in swapping a vivid green backdrop with, just about, any digital imagery you can fathom, makes it a highly sought-after tool in video editing. Be it an explosive action sequence in a bustling metropolitan or a casual webinar amid the tranquil settings of nature, the possibilities are practically endless!
The Green Screen VFX is not only an ace up your sleeve when wishing to add some professional pizzazz to your videos but is also a highly economical and practical choice. Especially with the ongoing global health concerns, that limit our capacity to film in various locations. The creative geniuses over at our video editing agency deploy cutting-edge technologies and software to manifest visually stunning and seamless scenes, keeping the viewers none the wiser about your actual surroundings. However, remember, the magic of great content is not merely in flashy visuals but in a well-told tale, we merely help in adding a dash of jazzy and effective visual storytelling!

Animation Stop Motion

Delving deeper into the magical world of video production, a technique that’s increasingly capturing the heart of novices and experts alike is stop motion animation. This isn’t your average animation style; it’s an art form in its own right, requiring immense patience and skill. Stop motion goes beyond stringing images together to make them move, it’s about breathing life into inanimate objects frame by frame, creating a seamless, dynamic clip that’s as captivating as it’s engaging. This ephemeral beauty that dances on your screen starts its journey from static photographs, taking you on an enchanting ride filled with visual treats.

While stop motion might seem daunting initially, the truth is, it’s not that scary, but rather a fun-filled, intricate process that’s loaded with stimulating challenges and rewarding outcomes. Picture this – a miniature world created on a table, where everything from small pebbles to tiny figurines come to life, charming you with their unique tales. Every subtle movement, every minuscule change, is captured frame by frame, taking up to a thousand shots for just a minute of footage. But when the final masterpiece unfolds and the characters undulate on your screen as if they’ve always belonged there, you understand the essence of stop-motion animation. It’s storytelling on a whole new level, using much more than just words.

3D Animation

Diving right in, the magic of bringing still images to life lies at the heart of this enchanting process. It’s a fair combo of science, creativity, and a sprinkle of good old math. In other words, this process translates objects from the real world into digital models and places them in a virtual environment. It’s like picking up your coffee cup and making it dance a jig right there on your computer screen – talk about a triple shot of fun!

But whoa, let’s not forget the hard work crawling behind the scenes! With the stroke of a digital brush, artists and animators manipulate these models (our previously mentioned dancing coffee cup, for instance), frame by painstaking frame. The hours spent creating, editing, and rendering these digital models pay off when they become a part of an immersive, believable universe that viewers can’t help but get lost in. So the next time you see a dragon breathing fire on screen, remember there’s a tired yet incredibly talented 3D animator behind its scorching awesomeness!


It’s a common playground in the digital world. A grand theater where mundane scenes transform into dazzling spectacles. It’s an intricate dance, where raw footage and sophisticated technology meld to churn out captivating content. When it’s about snatching attention and captivating hearts, the tools of the trade come into play. Enter compelling imagery, clear text, and intriguing visuals; the top-notch essentials in a content creator’s toolkit.

Herein lies the magic of a professional video editing studio like Social Channel Studios. Think of it as your secret weapon, your trusty aide in the competitive realm of social media platforms. From crafting click-worthy thumbnails for YouTube to fashioning bespoke content for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, they provide the expertise, efficiency, and quality necessary for enhancing your video performance. And all this while ensuring you have more time to let the creative juices flow. Factor in a sprinkle of good-natured humor and personal anecdotes embedded within, you’ve got content that’s not only easy to read but also engaging and enjoyable. So, while Social Channel Studios’ unobtrusive role may not be an advertorial centerpiece, the studio’s contribution to realizing content goals cannot be understated.


The world of digital media can often be a challenging arena, where balancing the right amount of information with engaging imagery is key. This is where the amalgamation of visual data, design elements, and text comes into play, narrating a story that is not just eye-catching but also serves the intended purpose. Due to the magic, these professionals can weave compelling imagery, legible text, and engaging visuals that are just the right recipe to hook a viewer’s attention. The ultimate aim? To get them to click on that enticing thumbnail and make magic happen in terms of the video’s overall performance and reach.

Of course, it’s not all serious business at Social Channel Studios. Capturing a larger audience, and hitting the right notes in content creation, is definitely on the agenda, but wouldn’t it be grand if we could have a good laugh while doing that? Mixing professionalism with humor, the work atmosphere echoes with chuckles and light-hearted banter quite frequently. Even the content that’s created is interspersed with good-natured humor. Personal anecdotes are welcome, adding that brilliant touch of relatability, and connecting with the audience on a deeper level. It’s all about not just reading or watching, but feeling the content and resonating with it. Life’s too short for drudgery, and hence the professionals at Social Channel Studios are committed to providing a perfect blend of quality, style, and amusement in the tasks at hand.


Dabbling into the world of videography and animation, it’s hard to miss the fascinating technique that has its roots as far back as the early 1900s. Let’s have a little chat about this phenomenal tool that has been making our motion pictures and animations all the more lifelike – yes, we’re referring to that technique often used by your favorite video editor from Social Channel Studios. It’s where they painstakingly trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action. It brings an illusion of reality into the magical realm of filmmaking and animation.

Imagine watching your favorite music video, where the singer appears to be gracefully floating in a dreamy landscape, or a thrilling superhero movie where characters flawlessly blend with unreal backgrounds. Ever wondered how these captivating scenes come to life? This wizardry is brought to life by this technique, which allows artists to extract characters or objects from one scene and transplant them into another. It can also help in creating click-worthy thumbnails for your YouTube videos! But remember, this potent tool is like a double-edged sword – with great power, comes great responsibility. Fret not, though! Social Channel Studios have got your backs covered with their unparalleled expertise and efficiency. Just sit back, create more, enjoy life, and let the professionals handle the techie stuff!

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What does the role of a Video Editor of Visual Effects at Social Channel Studios entail?

The Video Editor of Visual Effects at Social Channel Studios is responsible for creating, editing, and enhancing visual effects for various projects. This includes everything from simple video edits to complex 3D animations and special effects.

Can you explain Visual Effects in simple terms?

Yes, Visual Effects, often referred to as VFX, are digital effects added to a video or film in post-production. They are used to create scenes or effects that cannot be captured during live shooting.

What is CGI and how is it used in video editing?

CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. It’s a technique used to create, animate, and render images and graphics using computer software. It’s often used in video editing to create realistic environments, creatures, and special effects that would be too difficult or impossible to film in real life.

How does green screen VFX work?

Green screen VFX, also known as chroma key, is a technique where a subject is filmed in front of a green (or sometimes blue) background. This background can then be removed digitally in post-production and replaced with whatever scene or effects the editor desires.

Could you tell me more about Animation Stop Motion?

Of course! Stop motion is a type of animation where objects are physically manipulated in small increments between each frame so that they appear to move independently when the sequence of frames is played back.

What is 3D animation in the context of video editing?

3D animation is a technique that generates three-dimensional moving images in a digital environment. In the context of video editing, 3D animation is used to create lifelike characters, objects, and environments that give depth and realism to the visuals.

Social Channel Studios as Video Editor of Visual Effects

Imagine sailing in an ocean with all the nautical tools required for an epic adventure. That’s how content creators feel when they forge a partnership with the skilled artisans at Social Channel Studios. It’s all about crafting spectral visuals that draw the viewer in, like a moth to a flame. We navigate the choppy waters of YouTube thumbnails, creating a compelling symphony of imagery and text that makes viewers want to hit play instantly. Not to boast, but our expertise raft has all the necessary equipment for a successful sail; efficiency, quality, and a dash of pizzazz.

Now picture being able to recline in your comfy chair while all this magic unfolds. Sounds dreamy, right? That’s the kind of mesmerizing convenience that Social Channel Studios strives to offer. We believe in granting content creators the freedom to focus on their craft while we sweat the small stuff like editing and thumbnails. We’re here to take the load off, and playing the knight in shining armor is our forte. And don’t worry, it will still be an informative piece, not an advertorial. With our well-placed, bolded keywords, illustrative infographics, and a sprinkle of good-natured humor to keep things light, we ensure your content is not just consumed, but truly absorbed.

If you are interested in hiring us or learning more about our services, please contact us today or book a free consult with one of our specialists. We look forward to working with you!

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